When Can You File a Claim on Your Auto Insurance?

Owning a car is a significant achievement in your life. However, you need to purchase an auto insurance policy to ensure that your car is protected all the time. An auto insurance policy will provide you with the much-needed peace of mind since you know that you will always have someone behind your back when the worst happens. However, most car owners in Fort Myers, FL do not know when to file an auto insurance claim. When your car is damaged, you need to file a claim with your insurance provider such as SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. to ensure that you do not incur significant financial losses. Here are some scenarios when you can claim your auto insurance.

Claim When You Are Sued

Accidents always occur, and you never know when it will happen to you. If you’re driving and you get involved in a costly accident, or you hit another person on the road, he or she may decide to file a lawsuit against you. If this is the case, your liability coverage should help you meet the cost of hiring an experienced attorney to represent you in court. It should also help you settle any medical bills of the injured individuals.

When Your Car is Damaged but Not in Accident

If a tree falls on your car during a windy day or your car gets burglarized, and you cannot meet the repair costs, your auto insurance provider will come in and help you repair it if you have a comprehensive coverage policy. Also, if fire, floods or storm destroys your car, you are right to file your auto insurance claim. Before you file your auto insurance, you should ensure that the primary cause of your car damage is a covered event.

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