What Information Is Needed For A Home Insurance Quote In Florida?

When you live in Fort Myers, FL, you can choose to be in the city or the suburbs. What’s important is that you protect your home thoroughly. To do that, you need home insurance. Obtaining a home insurance quote is easier when you work with us at SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. We’ll show you what information is needed to get a quote.

Your Address

The first thing that is needed is the address of your home. This identifies whether you’re in a flood zone or not. It will also use your zip code to understand more about what other people in that zip code have experienced, such as the number of claims, the overall crime rates, and more.

Details of Your Home

A few details about your home will be needed to get home insurance, too. This includes the age of the home, its estimated value, as well as the total square footage. Any “additions” to the home have to be included, too. This way, you can be sure that they’re covered within the policy in case they get damaged in a storm or anything else. Such things include a detached garage, a pool, a privacy fence, or anything else that is a structure away from the home itself but still on the property.

Personal Details

Finally, you will need to provide some personal details. This includes your name, social security number, and contact information. If you have pets that will be living in the home, they need to be identified, too. This way, the level of liability can be better determined.

Are you ready to get a home insurance quote in Fort Myers, FL? Contact us at SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. today. One of our insurance agents can walk you through the process and customize a policy for you and your home.