What does my renters insurance cover?

Disasters in Florida are quite common, and many renters are having difficulty securing their homes and belongings. Renting is on the rise particularly in Fort Myers, FL and other areas, and therefore renters insurance is one of the most valuable financial protection for renters.

Renters insurance protects you, your family and your belongings in case of an accident or disaster attack. Many renters assume that the landlord already purchased an insurance policy to protect their homes, but unfortunately, this is never the case–the landlord only insures what he or she owns which is the house structure itself. At SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. we recommend every tenant to purchase renters insurance and stay protected.

What renters insurance covers

Before purchasing insurance, it is quite critical that you know what is being covered to avoid confusion.

Personal property

A comprehensive renters insurance pays or replaces your personal property like clothes, furniture, appliances, and other personal items. In case of a disaster, your insurance company will assess the damage and determine what will be repaired and what will be replaced.

Liability &medical expenses

If someone is injured in your apartment, liability coverage in your renter’s insurance will pay for medical bills and any lawsuit if you are sued.

Temporary living costs

In case your home is too damaged, you may need to find temporary housing before your home is fixed. Your insurance company will take care of all the living expenses you incur until you move back to your previous home.

other coverages

  • Credit card coverage
  • Items store elsewhere
  • Food
  • Other people’s property

Securing your family and property is very important. However, this may not be accomplished without a certified insurance company like SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. in Fort Myers, FL. We ensure that all your insurance needs are taken care of. Visit or call us for more.