Three Tips To Help Personal Property Claims Get Processed Smoothly

Homeowners policies provide people with the financial security that they can be compensated in the event of a loss. Over time, we accumulate valuable and personal items. It’s important to have appropriate documentation of these expensive items so that your claim can be smoothly processed. At SWFL Insurance Agency Inc.,  our professionals are committed to helping members of the Fort Myers, FL community with homeowners policies that provide a sense of security. We’d like you to consider these simple, but important, tips on how to keep good records of expensive personal items.

Photo Records

Given the ease of today’s technology, a photo record can be created by using your cell phone. These devices often have excellent cameras, and it will cost you nothing to walk around and document your jewelry, electronics, heirlooms, and collectibles. You can download these images or back them up to “the cloud.” In the event of theft or a disaster, you’ll be able to produce a visual record for the claim.

Keep Receipts Safe

Keeping your receipts is an excellent way to demonstrate the value of each item. Start a binder and put a note about each purchase on the receipt. It’s important to store the record away from your home. In the event of a fire, it could be destroyed along with the expensive items.

Make a Video

Some homeowners create a room-by-room video. This is an excellent idea because it shows each item inside the home. Again, many phones have video capabilities. The key is to store it safely out of harm’s way.

In the event of theft or disaster, it’s important that your claim is processed easily and you are fairly compensated. At SWFL Insurance Agency Inc., we are available to help members of the Fort Myers, FL community creates and updates homeowners policies that reflect the ongoing coverage they require for financial security.