The Third Nail…..An Easy Way to Save on Your Homeowners Premiums

Example…..1982 Home in South Ft. Myers. Frame construction, new roof, metal clips with 2 nails.                                                                                                           Value at $ 378,000. Annual Homeowner Premium is $4,450.

Same Home after retrofit adding Third Nail to top and bottom of metal clips…Cost of $900.                                                                                                                 Value at $ 378,000. Annual Homeowner Premium is $ 2,777.

Annual Premium Savings of  $1,673. Each and every year. That is a No Brainer.  (Note: Every Home is different)

How can I determine if my Home will benefit from a Hurricane Strap Retrofit adding the Third Nail?

  1. If your home was constructed prior to the year 2000, you are a candidate.
  2. Review of your present Wind Mitigation Report.
  3. If your report is dated prior to 2012, your insurance company will probably require a new report on the new Revised 2012 OIR-B1-1802 form. If you need a new inspection, call your inspector or call SWFL Insurance Agency at 239-265-9577.
  4. On the new 2012 inspection form, review Item 4, Roof to Wall Attachment.  If “Toe Nails” is checked, you can definitely benefit from a Hurricane Strap Retrofit adding the Third Nail.
  5. Once you have your Wind Mitigation Report on the Rev.2012 form, call SWFL Insurance Agency at 239-265-9577 for a Premium Quote Comparison for adding the Third Nail.
  6. Once you have the New Premium Quotes, you can determine the savings and decide if it makes economic sense to have the Hurricane Strap Retrofit completed. If you want to proceed, we will put you in touch with licensed contractors who can complete the retrofit. Typical cost for Retrofit is $900 to $1,000.

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The Third Nail – The reason your Homeowners Premiums increased without warning!

third nail

The Lack of a Third Nail could cause your Homeowners Premiums to increase without warning! 

Due to changes in the 2012 Florida Wind Mitigation form  (OIR-B1-1802. Rev. 01/12), Homeowners insurance windstorm premium credits for homes having clips or straps with less than Three Nails for the roof truss to wall connection is not allowed. The previous Wind Mit form allowed credits for metal connectors with nails.

For Homes constructed before 2002, you should contact us for a review of your Wind Mit form and Homeowners Policy. We will determine if you are receiving the proper credits and provide you with our best premium proposal.  We have construction, wind mitigation and home inspection experience and are able to provide up to date information.

If we determine that you can benefit from adding the “Third Nail”,

  • We will determine your estimated Homeowners premiums savings.
  • We will recommend a couple of licensed contractors to contact who can complete the required work.
  • Typically the cost of adding the Third Nail for a 2500 SF home is about $ 800., one time. The typical windstorm premium savings is $ 600. to $ 1,000. every year going forward for this home.
  • Typically, a new Wind Mit form is completed and included with the contractor’s work.

Homes built prior to 1960 typically do not have metal straps or clips. Many times these homes can be retro fitted to install the metal connectors and nails required by the building code.  Call us about a free evaluation.

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