3 Things You Can Do To Lower Your Insurance Rates In Fort Myers, FL

Lowering your insurance rates in Fort Myers, FL basically means two things: Understanding the laws and regulations that dictate the roads and the insurance industry in the sunshine state and being a safe, reliable driver. Here are a few ways you can generally expect to lower your insurance rates:

  • Take advanced driving courses

With advanced driving courses, you’re proving to the courts and to your insurer that you’re devoted to being a better-than-average driver. You’ll be seen as a lower risk, and in most scenarios, this will get you some discounted rates.

  • Get your credit in order

Being reliable, proving that you’re low risk, has as much to do with proving that you’re financially reliable as it does with proving that you’re a safe driver. You can get a free or cheap credit score check before buying a new insurance policy, and make sure to deal with any outstanding debts you may have.

  • Stay up on the law

Florida is a no-fault state, meaning that your insurer will cover your ends no matter who is at fault. This means that you can’t drive around with a slim policy and expect that the other party will be found responsible. No matter how safe of a driver you may be, if you’re in an accident, you are most likely to be the one whose insurance is covering your damages. This is true no matter what provider you find through SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. It’s important to keep your insurance rates low so that you don’t have to settle for the minimum required policy. If you’re a safe driver, then you will pay less, and you will have a lot more options available to you in getting good coverage.


How To Find Auto Insurance In Fort Myers

It is important to find quality auto insurance in Fort Myers, FL. This means taking the time to explore various policies and learning more about the ways that you can add coverage to an existing policy. It doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process as long as you ask for help where you need it.


One of the best ways to find auto insurance is to take the time to make some comparisons. This will allow you to see what the various insurance companies in Florida offer. Some companies will offer more than others, including roadside assistance, collision coverage, and much more.

To get quotes for comparing, you can work with an agent at SWFL Insurance Agency, Inc. we will do a lot of the work on your behalf, contacting insurance companies and getting quotes that are specific to you. It will make it easier to compare with the companies have to offer so that you can make a more informed decision.

Finding the Right Coverage

In the end, the coverage is the most important aspect of finding good auto insurance in Fort Myers, FL. What works for you may be different than what works for another individual. This has to do with the kind of car you drive, your driving history, as well as your budget for auto insurance.

By working with an independent insurance agent from SWFL Insurance Agency, Inc, you are able to get the assistance that you need. An agent will be able to look at your coverage, make recommendations, and even help you to find discounts that will save you money throughout the year.

When you are ready to begin shopping for auto insurance, contact us today. One of our agents will be happy to help you every step of the way.





Fort Myers Cares: Tips to Ensure Bicyclists and Drivers Safety

Sometimes it can be difficult to share the road with fellow drivers, let alone bicyclists. They’re typically going much slower than you, and can come from any direction. They have just as much of a right to the road as you do in Florida, so you need to adapt to their habits too. While your initial reaction might be not very positive, there are ways to safely work with them so everyone can get where they’re going. 

I Saw the Sign 

You should be aware of bicycle riders signs on the road. Before they make a left-hand turn, they’ll point their arm in the direction they’re going. If they’re making a right hand turn, then they’ll create a right angle with their elbow bent at 90-degrees. Do not try to beat a bicycle driver making these turns because you think you’re faster than they are. Many an accident has been caused by underestimating their speed as they head into the turn. 

Respect and Patience 

These are 2 concepts you’ll need to work with if you’re in a town with a lot of bicycle riders. We’re in such a hurry all the time, and all we can think about is being late. It can make for truly hazardous conditions for everyone. Don’t honk at them or yell, even when you feel like they’re being selfish and hogging the lane. They’re in a precarious situation on their bike and upsetting them will not help. 

Safety All Around 

For Myers is served by SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. and we want you to stay safe when you’re on the road. If you need insurance or are thinking about changing plans, then give us a call to see if we can help you today. 

Home Insurance and Your Belongings in Fort Myers, FL

If you live in Fort Myers, FL, there are many types of insurance that you might have to pay. If you own a home, a type of insurance that you may have is home insurance. While legally, you can own a home without home insurance, many lenders will require you to have this coverage if you are to finance your home with a mortgage.

Many people do not know this, but home insurance does not just cover the physical structure of the home. It also covers personal belongings that are located inside the home, such as clothes, furniture, and even sports equipment. If these items are destroyed by a natural disaster or other insured disaster, or if they are stolen, they will be covered by home insurance. Generally, the coverage is 50 to 70 percent of the insurance on your homes physical structure. The best way to determine whether this is enough for you is to perform an inventory of what is in your home. In fact, this coverage can extend to items that are not on the premises, as well as up to $500 of coverage for unauthorized credit card expenses. Plants, such as shrubs and trees, in the yard, are also covered, as are expensive items such as fur coats and jewelry (but only to a limited extent).

If you want to know more about which of your belongings will be covered by home insurance in Fort Myers, FL, you can go to the professionals at SWFL Insurance Agency, Inc. to get a great deal of useful information. SWFL Insurance Agency, Inc. has many individuals who can answer a variety of questions when it comes to how home insurance can affect you in terms of your belongings, as well as anything else having to do with home insurance.

3 Reasons You Need Auto Insurance Now

For licensed drivers of all kinds, acquiring quality auto insurance is of the utmost importance. No matter if you are a newbie or a veteran, there is an array of reasons why one should always maintain good coverage on their vehicle. With that said, the following is an overview of three reasons you need auto insurance right now.

Peace of Mind

First and foremost, while this may seem like a minuscule reason, having peace of mind while you’re on the road is necessary in order to stay focused and safe on the road. By purchasing a quality insurance policy, you do not have to worry about how accident related expenses will be covered. Thusly, this leaves you free to focus on the road. 

Avoid Lawsuits 

Speaking of which, if you do not have a sufficient auto insurance policy and are involved in an accident, you may be on the hook for astronomical costs and fees. However, by purchasing sufficient coverage, you will have the added protection of being financially backed by a reputable agency that you can trust. 

It’s the Law

Lastly, no matter where you reside in the United States (with the exception of New Hampshire) you must have some sort of auto insurance coverage in order to legally operate a vehicle. The failure to do so could result in fees, fines, or even jail time. In order to avoid these potentially harsh consequences, be sure to maintain coverage on your vehicle at all times. 

Overall, if you are seeking quality auto insurance in Fort Myers, Florida, SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. is a great company to consult. Call, stop by, or email them today to find out how you can quickly secure coverage and hopefully save big! 

Fall Season Risks: Why Fort Myers Residents Should Fear the Changing Seasons

There are a lot of things that Fort Myers, Florida homeowners – both new and old – need to take into account when the seasons change. Every state has its own differences with respect to the changes of the seasons; Florida, in particular, does not have the same seasonal changes for fall that Minnesota does, for instance. No leaves changing, and while the weather does cool off, it is a lot less substantial due to its location to such a degree that it has been joked that it’s just three seasons of summer and one season of Christmas. While the temperature does not prove too much a problem – and exiting the hurricane season is always a welcome treat – the  changing seasons have some unfortunate issues, particularly with the entry into fall.

One thing to note is that even when fall weather starts to roll in, you may still have to worry about hurricane and tornado weather, so try not to become complacent; high winds can be damaging, so it does not hurt to keep an eye on that. As fall comes, you should also be mindful of the dryer weather harming your home. The effects of dry weather can be significant on woodwork and furniture that are well-warmed, so if you do not use air conditioning during the hot summer months, you may find that the dry air is more likely to put moisture into these things. This is especially a problem for Fort Myers, Florida residents as well as other residents of the state.

If you are in need of insurance to avoid the consequences of fall’s characteristic dry weather, be sure to contact SWFL Insurance Agency, Inc. We can look over your insurance situation and try to get you the insurance coverage that you need.

Customs Busted Up My Boat! Who Pays?

Sport Fish 2

Any coastal boat owner who’s been on the water for a decent length of time knows the power of the Coast Guard. Essentially operating as a federal police agency in both American and international waters, the Coast Guard has a tremendous amount of power in its role of protecting the country’s water borders. And that gives the agency the authority to stop boats and board them if necessary to search for contraband. Unfortunately, the coastal areas have been plagued with a rising number of entry attempts by those trying to bring drugs into the U.S. No surprise then, the Coast Guard has been ramping up its efforts to arrest and stop violations. That can also mean more folks who are entirely innocent get stopped and searched.

The Coast Guard search process isn’t always a gentle one. If there’s enough to raise suspicions, a search could involve opening up cabinets and containers of the boat, which usually ends up in some damage. While a general coverage policy can take care of boat damage caused by another party, damage caused a law enforcement search can be problematic. If there was indeed a viable reason for a search, all bets for coverage are off; most polices are voided by illegal activity. If there was no reason for a search, an insurer is going to want some kind of documentation from the Coast Guard stating the search was in error, and that’s very unlikely. Instead, the best one might get is a brief letter stating a boat owner is no longer under investigation, and these often take the help of an attorney to get.

The best approach is to find out how a boat policy will work on a law enforcement search before the trip happens. Those in the Fort Myers, FL area can drop in and ask SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. how boat coverage would work, getting a clear answer for planning purposes.

Call SWFL Insurance Agency for the best Boat and Yacht Coverage…..239-265-9577

Commercial Insurance for Your Business in Fort Myers, FL

Commercial insurance coverage is similar to home insurance. It covers certain kinds of damage and protects from financial disaster after a physical disaster has struck. However, state requirements vary from state to state and the coverage available for your business might be different from what you imagine it to be. Perhaps your business has changed over the years and you need different coverage altogether. Whether you are a new business owner or an experienced veteran of the commercial world, we recommend you contact us at SWFL Insurance Agency, Inc. for the latest rates available for your commercial property. We have independent agents who can compare the coverage and rates of several insurance firms to provide you with the information you need to make the best choice possible in your commercial insurance coverage. We offer online quotes as well as face-to-face discussions to help you. It’s our goal at SWFL Insurance Agency, Inc. to get you the insurance coverage that works for you.

Your business is important to you, so make sure you have the commercial insurance coverage that your business needs. You know your commercial property, and we know commercial insurance regulations, so together we can find the best coverage to serve you. We would be pleased to review your present coverage to determine any circumstances under which your insurance coverage needs might have changed. Things happen; it’s wise to be prepared as much as possible in case of unfortunate events so you can have a smoother recovery for your business with fewer difficulties. We find the most affordable rates and the options for more extensive coverage should you need it. At SWFL Insurance Agency, Inc. we proudly serve the Fort Myers, FL area.

Fort Myers, FL Unique Asset Coverage

Unique assets often have a couple of traits in common. First, they are typically worth more than a comparable item at market value due to their rarity. Second, they often have some kind of historical value in addition to their base market value. Third, holders and those who would like to acquire such assets are often collectors or parties who understand the added value of a unique asset, creating a sub-market for such items in the general supply and demand universe. As a result, when these kinds of assets are damaged or lost, typical liability policies don’t truly reflect full restoration.

The traditional approach to a unique asset is to take out a rider, which is an additional liability policy just for that particular unique asset. Many personal property holders do this sort of thing for a unique piece of jewelry, securing insurance coverage above and beyond a normal homeowner’s insurance policy for loss and theft of property in the house. However, for a business, the unique assets can be multiple and plenty, making a specific rider for each item very expensive and unreasonable, as well as a lot of different policies to manage.

Instead, an umbrella policy for a small business can make up the difference. Acting as a second layer of coverage behind initial policies, an umbrella policy can address the additional cost of a unique business asset and can do so for a number of assets all at once. Regardless of which asset suffers risk, the policy acts as an additional overall protection, adding value beyond just the vehicle or property base policies and similar. If your Fort Myers, FL company needs more information on how an umbrella policy can protect critical assets in your operation, contact SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. They would be glad to help and explain how additional protection can be added to your existing coverage.

4 Must Do’s Before Taking a Motorcycle Road Trip

Road trips are a great way to explore the country during summer. If you’re a motorcycle buff, a summer motorcycle road trip could be the highlight of the season. Before hitting the road this summer, take care of the following must do’s to enjoy your trip to the full.

Plan Your Trip in Advance

A well planned road trip can reduce the risk of problems on the road. Advanced planning includes choosing the right timing, charting great routes and ensuring your bike is in great shape for traveling. You can even take short practice trips to build up your riding endurance and get a feel for being on the road.

Prepare Your Bike

Servicing your bike before a trip reduces the risk of mechanical problems.  You can also adjust the seating or handlebars, if necessary, to make it more comfortable for long distance riding. A windshield will protect you from gusts of wind when traveling down the highway at 70-80 mph. For greater convenience and safety, you could even add cruise control to your ride.

Wear Proper Clothing

You can’t always count on perfect weather when on the road. Having the right clothing can keep you safe from the elements as well as offer greater protection in the event of an accident. This includes a quality helmet with attached windshield, leather jacket with padding, durable pants, motorcycle gloves and proper shoes or boots. Highway riding can get pretty loud – a pair of ear plugs can make your trip a lot quieter.  

Get Insurance Coverage

A good insurance policy will ensure you’re fully covered for any eventuality on the road. At SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. we can provide you with just the coverage you need. Having great insurance coverage will give you greater confidence to enjoy your road trip to the full.