Auto Insurance: Clear Coat And Other Coverage Options

Fort Myers is a bustling metropolitan city in Southwest Florida. It is nestled on the coast, providing access to beautiful Gulf beaches. There are many things to see and do, including golfing, shopping, boating, and visiting historic landmarks. Residents are here year-round and through the winter and many tourists come to explore the beaches throughout the year as well.

When you shop for auto insurance in Florida, it’s important to know about the coverage options. What are you covered against? Knowing will ensure you can file a claim if and when your car is involved in any kind of accident.

In Florida, there are minimum requirements for coverage for liability. This includes property damage and personal injury. Our agents in Fort Myers can go over these minimums with you – and then explain all of the other coverage options as well.

Throughout Fort Myers, especially during storm season, hail damage can take place. The hail has been known to be the size of a golf ball and in addition to leaving a divot on your car, it can chip the clear coat. The clear coat is the coating that goes over the paint. When missing, it can cause the paint to chip away and rust the frame.

Your car insurance does not cover against anything except state minimum requirements unless you choose to add them on.

This means you have to look at collision insurance for various issues that could result from a collision with another vehicle. You also have to look at comprehensive insurance to cover non-driving related incidents, such as hail damage, damage from a parking lot, a stone at your windshield, and more.

Buying car insurance in Fort Myers is easy, especially when you know what your coverage options are. Call an agent and start receiving quotes on a policy today.