Safety Devices and Boat Insurance Ensure a Worry-Free Family Vacation

If you just bought a new boat for your family to enjoy on the waters around Fort Myers, FL, your local agent at SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. reminds you that you need more than a boat insurance policy to be fully protected on the high seas.

Minimum Safety Requirements for Boats Under 16-feet

State and Federal regulations apply when you take your new recreational boat out to see. Before registering your craft you must undergo an inspection and demonstrate that at the least you have enough flotation devices on board, a fire extinguisher, flare, noise maker, appropriate marker lights, and a backfire prevention device on your motor. If your boat is larger than 16-feet, there may be additional safety items required. Check with your local Coast Guard unit for details.

Recommended Equipment for Peace of Mind

Just because you meet the minimum requirements does not mean that you shouldn’t consider adding even more safety items and technology upgrades. A radio and GPS location beacon can summon help when you need it. Cell towers don’t exist off the coast. Think about an extra flotation device such as a raft or ring if you have space.

Boat Insurance Takes Care of Expenses After an Accident

Finally, don’t forget to discuss boat insurance with your Fort Myers, FL area agent. Not only will your policy help to repair or replace your boat, but it can also help to cover medical and property damage expenses in the case of an accident while at sea. Your friends and family will want to enjoy the time on the water without worrying about what happens if something goes wrong.  An effective boat insurance policy from SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. will protect your wallet in time of need. Give us a call and ask us for a quote today.