Protect your inventory with commercial insurance

We all know how important it is to carry the appropriate level of insurance to protect our assets, and the same is true when covering the value of your inventory. Business owners understand that one serious loss to their work-flow can wipe out years of hard work. The team at SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. are here to help you find the right insurance to cover all aspects of your Fort Myers, FL area business, including inventory. 

Be sure to obtain the right level of commercial insurance

Inventory protection can make a huge difference in how well your business is able to bounce back after experiencing a loss. When you are obtaining your policy, be sure to work with a professional agent that understands the nuances of commercial insurance. Inventory valuation can be tricky to determine, as it is constantly fluctuating. When you have a busy season coming up, your inventory levels will be a lot higher than they are during the slower months of the year. Some people make the mistake of valuing their inventory at the time that they obtain their policy. This can lead to serious problems if you get your policy during one of your slow months. Be sure to look at the levels of inventory that you carry all year long, and determine the highest level as your insurable value. This is yet another reason why it is helpful to work with a professional agent that is able to guide you through the process. 

The team at SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. are here to help business owners in the greater Fort Myers, FL area obtains the insurance that provides the appropriate protection for their inventory and overall business. Contact us today and schedule a consultation to review your commercial insurance needs.