How umbrella insurance can hear Ft Myers, FL residents

The world is full of risks and the stress that goes along with those risks. When you live in Fort Myers, FL you get the opportunity to take advantage of the area and the weather without worrying from day to day.

Unfortunately, there are risks even in sunny Florida, and at SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. we work to help our clients mitigate those risks. One great way to keep your risks low is by adding an umbrella policy to your already existing policies.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella Insurance is different from other kinds of policies because you can’t get an umbrella policy by itself. You need to have an existing policy, like homeowners or auto insurance, and then add on umbrella insurance. 

What makes umbrella insurance great is the high limit; your umbrella policy goes well above and beyond your normal policy limits with a typical policy usually starting at $1,000,000 worth of coverage. That seems like a lot until you think about it.

An Umbrella Policy In Action

For example, say you carry full coverage auto insurance. A normal policy will max out well below the actual damages for a serious accident, especially if there are multiple people seriously injured.  Once you hit your policy limits, you are responsible for all the damages that still need to be paid, if you are deemed responsible for the accident.

If you have an umbrella policy, it will kick in once your standard policy maxes out. You can relax and recover during that stressful time as your umbrella policy pays out.

You can get umbrella insurance in Fort Myers, FL that will cover your home, auto or business. If you want to find out how umbrella insurance can help you, call SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. today.