How to Choose Commercial Insurance in Fort Myers

In order to run a successful business in the state of Florida, you will likely be required to have some sort of viable commercial insurance. Commercial insurance is also a great investment for your business, as it protects that business from large out-of-pocket expenses from unexpected emergencies.

Here are some of the characteristics for the commercial insurance policy that you should look for to protect your business in Fort Myers.

  • General liability insurance – This kind of insurance will help you if your business gets sued for property damage or personal injury. You will be covered for accidents that occur on your business grounds or if there is an accident that occurs because of the use of your goods or services.
  • Attorney’s fees – Certain kinds of commercial policies can be modified to include all attorneys fees in case there are legal processes that you have to go through.
  • Property insurance – This is a more comprehensive policy to cover accidents that happen on your property. If you are in a high-traffic area, then you may have to get specialized property insurance in order to cover everything that could happen.
  • Workers comp policies – This is a very important kind of business insurance that protects the business if an employee is hurt on the job. In Florida, most businesses with warehouses or large amounts of inventory are required to have Worker’s Comp. policies.

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