Fort Myers Flood Insurance Mandatory or Not SWFL Insurance Agency Inc.has Information that You Must Know

SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. provides flood insurance service seriously for our Fort Myers, FL area customers. We suggest going with the highest level of insurance available and don’t take chances since nearly every area in Fort Myers, FL is in a flood zone. 

Since 1968, flood insurances has been mandated in a home that has a mortgage. Many renters will also choose to cover any of their personal damages with another small flood insurance policy. It’s important to know what flood zone that you live in.

Rethinking Your Current Flood Insurance or Possibly Dropping It?

A couple of things that you must keep in mind is that if a storm or hurricane hits, you cannot buy flood insurance and have it approved until a 30-day waiting period. Also, if your area hasn’t flooded in the past years, you definitely shouldn’t play those odds and go without it. 

High waters can come unexpectedly and don’t have to be accompanied by a hurricane, which would most likely mean FEMA won’t stop in with any kind of storm damage repairs or finances. 

Protect Your Family and Home with Flood Insurance from SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. 

Maybe your flood insurance isn’t mandatory, but it won’t just be included in your homeowner’s policies. Most of our current clients prefer to add on additional flood insurance because it’s a smart idea. Floods are the first natural disaster out of any natural disaster when it comes to the amounts of times that we experience them. All properties in Florida may be in a flood zone but not all have mandatory flood zone requirements. 

What Should I Expect When I Purchase Flood Insurance?

Lee County, highly depends on which flood zone that you reside in. Other things that affect the premium is the type of the structure, required elevation, how elevated your floor is to the ground it is one, and whether you are in a FEMA Flood Zone.