Your Flood Insurance Needs for the Fort Myers, FL Area

Florida is regularly pounded by storms and hurricanes. Geographically it’s a low lying state, as well. If you live in the Fort Myers, Fl area then you need flood insurance coverage as part of your home owners insurance. Many people do not realize that their standard homeowners insurance does not cover damage to property by flooding. High-risk flood zones are common and mortgage lenders must require flood insurance for property in these areas. If your property isn’t in a high-risk flood zone, that doesn’t mean it is guaranteed to never undergo flooding. After all, there is flooding, and then there is flooding. The foundation of your home could be undermined by water and erosion in a flood, or you might simply lose the possessions inside the property you own. Both are not only expensive losses, but emotionally devastating as well. At SWFL Insurance Agency, Inc., we can ease your concerns now and meet the needs that arise after a flooding event. It’s smart to cover for damages to the things that mean so much to you: from expensive computer equipment to your vinyl collection to the very house itself.

If you already have insurance coverage for floods, when was the last time you had your policy reviewed and updated? Was it before the kids were born? Did you think of it after the new garage was added? At SWFL Insurance Agency, Inc. we can sit down with you and discuss your flood insurance coverage needs. Insurance requirements, coverage, and rates can vary by state or region, so contact us either online or in person for information on your flood insurance coverage needs. Proudly serving the Fort Myers, FL area, SWFL Insurance Agency, Inc. is here for you.