What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

An umbrella policy in Fort Myers, FL doesn’t provide coverage on its own. Instead, it provides additional coverage or excess liability above the limits from basic policies. Things that can be covered include injury treatment and funeral costs for others, other’s property damage, and injuries or property damage suffered by a tenant if you are a landlord.

Understanding coverage for this policy is easier by understanding how this works. If you get into a car accident where there is damage to the vehicles and several people injured, and the accident is determined to be your fault, there is going to be a lot of things to pay for. Between the repairs, medical bills, legal fees if you are sued, and settlements from lawsuits, chances are that the total is going to be above what your auto liability insurance covers. If the total is $500,000 but your auto insurance only covers $300,000, then you have to figure out a way to pay for the additional $200,000. This is where umbrella coverage comes in. Once the auto insurance policy has been exhausted, umbrella coverage will pay the difference.

The example used is for auto insurance, but umbrella can kick in after a similar claim under homeowners insurance. In addition to kicking in for homeowners and auto insurance policies, umbrella insurance provides such additional coverage for things that aren’t covered under these standard policies. These protections include lawsuits involving defamation of character, libel, slander, and other personal attacks. While umbrella insurance is useful, there are some things it won’t cover, which include your own injuries or damage to your belongings, as well as intentional or criminal acts. For a personal policy, it won’t cover any injuries or damage that your business is responsible for and, depending on the policy, it may not cover injuries or damage caused by certain recreational vehicles such as jet skis. It’s recommended to have a million-dollar policy, but an agent at SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. can help determine your risks and coverage needs.

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Protect Your Summer Condo From Fire With Renters Insurance

You love to vacation in Fort Myers, FL during the winter and rent a gorgeous condo every year for your trip. However, you are worried that fire could affect your condo while you are gone. Thankfully, you can get protection from one of the many high-quality renters insurance policies available with insurance providers like SWFL Insurance Agency Inc.

Renter’s Insurance Covers Fires

Accidental fire damage will be covered by just about every type of renters insurance. Problems that you couldn’t foresee, such as electrical issues caused by other tenants, are fully covered by most policies as are incidents of a fire triggered by the renter.

Liability claims of this type are particularly important to understand because they can help you when you accidentally cause a fire in a condo. For example, you may fry with excessive grease and trigger a small, but damaging fire. Liability coverage also protects you from lawsuits by people who are visiting your condo and who may be injured in a fire.

When a Policy Won’t Help

There are very few instances in which renters insurance won’t help somebody when their home burns down. Typically, these kinds of policies do not cover fire problems that were caused by the person on purpose as a way of collecting insurance payments.

After every fire, the insurance company will hire a professional inspector to check out what happened to ensure that nothing is too strange or unseemly about the situation. And most of the time, they will approve a claim unless there is real evidence that a person purposefully caused the fire.

Let Us Help You

So if you are concerned about your Fort Myers, FL suffering from a fire while you are away or even while you’re visiting, contact us at SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. to learn more about renters insurance policies. This type of insurance provides you with the help you need to avoid serious issues.

What Kind of Motorcycle Insurance Should I Get

For those that in the Fort Myers, FL area, nothing is better than spending a day out in the sun on your very own motorcycle. If you own a motorcycle, the first thing that you need to do is make sure that it is properly covered by insurance. There are several tips that should be followed that will help you to pick the right insurance policy for your situation.

Consider Liability Laws

When you are looking for a new policy for your motorcycle coverage, the first thing you need to think about is what your liability requirements are. In Florida, all motorcycle drivers need to have minimum liability coverage of at least $10,000 for personal property and bodily injury coverage of at least $10,000 per person with a $20,000 per incident cap.

Lender Requirements

When you are going to get motorcycle insurance, you should also make sure that you are in compliance with your lender. If you took out a lease or loan to get your motorcycle, you will need to make sure you comply with all insurance requirements in the loan or lease agreement. The majority of the time, your lender will require that you have collision and comprehensive coverage in place.

Personal Needs

While certain types of coverage may not be required for you, it is still important to consider your personal needs. You should consider not only the type of coverage you need but the level of coverage as well. This will ensure you have the right type and amount of coverage. 

If you are in the Fort Myers, FL area and own a motorcycle, you should contact the SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. When you meet with the team at SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. you will learn far more about your motorcycle insurance needs and options. The team will also help to make sure that you get into a good policy that provides you with the necessary protection.

Excess Flood Coverage: When Basic Flood Policies Aren’t Enough

Like the rest of the state, the area surrounding Fort Myers, FL is prone to severe seasonal flooding. Is your basic flood insurance enough? SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. wants you to be prepared for the wet weather. How can you tell if you need excess flood insurance?

  • Your primary policy doesn’t cover the total value of your home. In case of severe flooding, your home may need extensive repairs to the foundation, subflooring, and support structures. These expensive repairs can quickly eat into your primary payout, leaving you liable for a large out-of-pocket contribution. Higher-value homes need excess flood coverage to protect the owner’s personal wealth.
  • You own a commercial business. Does your business owner policy include flood coverage? Check with your agent to ensure your inventory, equipment, and buildings are covered. In combination with other policies, excess flood insurance gives business owners the capital they need to rebuild after a catastrophic storm or accidental flooding.
  • You are a collector. High-value possessions like jewelry, artwork, musical instruments, and antiques are difficult to replace. However, without enough insurance, finding equivalent replacements may be impossible. After paying for repairs to your property, there is rarely enough left over from your primary payout to replace your precious items as well. Excess flood insurance provides enough funds to replace and repair all of your important items. Even these policies, however, may not fully cover the value of lost items. Talk with your insurance agent about additional policies to protect high-value collectibles.
  • You’re a landlord. Don’t risk losing months of investment income because you don’t have enough cash to repair your property after a flood. Excess flood insurance allows you to fix damages while still making regular payments to the bank.

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Buying Condo Insurance: Know Your Boundaries Before You Purchase

Are you shopping for condo insurance for your new Fort Myers, FL home? Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you know where your property begins in the complex and what the condo association is responsible for maintaining. Your agent at SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. knows that condos come in all shapes and sizes, so your insurance policy must be written to fit your unit–not your neighbor’s.

Hallways, Entries, and the Front Porch

Are you buying into a high-rise or garden style condo? If you share the floor with a neighbor, the connecting hall, elevator, stairs, and even the front door are the responsibility of the COA. However, when you own the entire floor, you will be expected to cover any damage that happens from the ceiling to the carpeting. In a townhome, if everybody has a front porch, those are likely part of the association. Only your deed and plans will show you the details.

Yards, Pools, and Patios

Shared space usually results in shared liability. Should your unit have a private walled-in yard with a hot tub, that should be listed on your insurance policy. However, if you hold parties at the big pool and playground, liability coverage switches to the association as long as you follow all the rules and regulations.

Shared Walls and Roofs

What about your duplex? This can get sticky. Check with your COA to see who is responsible for the walls, interior plumbing, wiring, and structural elements when your unit is part of a multi-family home. You may wish to increase your coverage if the roof is listed as yours. 

Save your sanity and your wallet when you sit down with an SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. agent and design a condo insurance policy that fully protects your Fort Myers, FL home.

Is Boat Insurance Mandatory in Fort Myers, Florida?

Being a resident in Fort Myers, FL has many perks, one of which is the luxurious privilege of boating in the spectacular coastal waters. Such an experience can get to your head and lead you to throw caution in the wind. After all, Florida does not require boats to have insurance, neither are boat owners needed to have licenses to run their boats. However, you cannot be too careful and insuring your boat can save you lots of headache in the future. So before you dismiss boat insurance, you might want to reconsider.

Instances where you need Boat insurance in Fort Myers Fl

  • If you are struggling financially, need to take a loan and offer your boat as collateral, the lending institution will need you to have boat insurance cover.
  • You may be aware that most home insurance policies cover boats and watercraft. However, such insurance policies have an upper limit for covering the boats. You should, therefore, check the value of your boat, and if it beats the limit, a boat insurance cover will come in handy.

Choose a reliable Boat insurance provider

With the many agencies offering boat insurance, you might be caught up in deciding which one is suitable for you. SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. offers you a comprehensive variety of boat insurance policies. While you may not know which one suits your circumstances, we have highly-trained personnel who will advise on the best route to follow.

SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. upholds integrity and transparency; therefore we lay out our terms and conditions. Whatever the policy states and you do not understand, we never hesitate to break it down for you. So, don’t wait until an accident happens to start rushing for a policy. Visit us today for more details and let us help you secure your boat, for your peace of mind.

How to Choose Commercial Insurance in Fort Myers

In order to run a successful business in the state of Florida, you will likely be required to have some sort of viable commercial insurance. Commercial insurance is also a great investment for your business, as it protects that business from large out-of-pocket expenses from unexpected emergencies.

Here are some of the characteristics for the commercial insurance policy that you should look for to protect your business in Fort Myers.

  • General liability insurance – This kind of insurance will help you if your business gets sued for property damage or personal injury. You will be covered for accidents that occur on your business grounds or if there is an accident that occurs because of the use of your goods or services.
  • Attorney’s fees – Certain kinds of commercial policies can be modified to include all attorneys fees in case there are legal processes that you have to go through.
  • Property insurance – This is a more comprehensive policy to cover accidents that happen on your property. If you are in a high-traffic area, then you may have to get specialized property insurance in order to cover everything that could happen.
  • Workers comp policies – This is a very important kind of business insurance that protects the business if an employee is hurt on the job. In Florida, most businesses with warehouses or large amounts of inventory are required to have Worker’s Comp. policies.

SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. provides commercial insurance for businesses in Fort Myers, FL and surrounding areas. If you need to protect the business, key employees or a commercial estate, make sure that you give the dedicated experts at SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. a call or an email today.

When Can You File a Claim on Your Auto Insurance?

Owning a car is a significant achievement in your life. However, you need to purchase an auto insurance policy to ensure that your car is protected all the time. An auto insurance policy will provide you with the much-needed peace of mind since you know that you will always have someone behind your back when the worst happens. However, most car owners in Fort Myers, FL do not know when to file an auto insurance claim. When your car is damaged, you need to file a claim with your insurance provider such as SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. to ensure that you do not incur significant financial losses. Here are some scenarios when you can claim your auto insurance.

Claim When You Are Sued

Accidents always occur, and you never know when it will happen to you. If you’re driving and you get involved in a costly accident, or you hit another person on the road, he or she may decide to file a lawsuit against you. If this is the case, your liability coverage should help you meet the cost of hiring an experienced attorney to represent you in court. It should also help you settle any medical bills of the injured individuals.

When Your Car is Damaged but Not in Accident

If a tree falls on your car during a windy day or your car gets burglarized, and you cannot meet the repair costs, your auto insurance provider will come in and help you repair it if you have a comprehensive coverage policy. Also, if fire, floods or storm destroys your car, you are right to file your auto insurance claim. Before you file your auto insurance, you should ensure that the primary cause of your car damage is a covered event.

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Does My Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover My Dog?

If you are a new homeowner in Fort Myers, FL, you need the services of a reputable insurance agency such as SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. The agents will help you determine whether or not your homeowners insurance covers your dog. Dog owners often have to deal with liability claims if their dogs bite other people within their property. Over half of dog attacks happen within a homeowner’s property. Each bite costs about $30,000. It may be a lot to pay out of the pocket.

Even though homeowners insurance may cover your dog, it does not cover any injuries or illnesses for your pet. You need a separate insurance policy for that. Coverage for your dog varies depending on your location, your insurance provider, and the type of dog you own.

Are All Breeds Covered?

Some insurance providers do not cover certain breeds of dogs. They stay away from breeds such as German Shepherds, bulldogs, and breeds that are considered aggressive. If you already have homeowners insurance, ask your insurance provider if they blacklist any breeds. Notify them if you purchase dogs that may be considered aggressive. Your premium rates may go higher.

What If Your Home Insurance Doesn’t Cover Your Dog?

If your insurance provider does not cover your dog under homeowners insurance policy, do not give up. Ask our insurance agency to help you find an insurance company that does. It is possible to find a provider that is lenient. Another option is to get a separate insurance policy. Pet liability insurance helps you pay for liability claims if your dog harms other people. This policy covers your dog regardless of its breed. It helps you to reduce claims on your homeowner’s insurance.

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Condo Insurance: It May Not Provide the Protection You Think it Does

There are a few misconceptions around the coverage that condo insurance provides, and if you are looking to buy a condominium in the greater Fort Myers, FL area we recommend that you review all of your insurance needs carefully. At SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. we can provide you with the necessary guidance to make sure that your condo policy is appropriate for your situation. Typically, your COA policy will only cover the common areas of your building as well as the structure itself. In the event that a storm causes flooding or broken windows and other damage inside your unit, the loss will usually not be covered.

Your Insurance Coverage vs. That Provided by Your Condo Owners Association Insurance

Having a comprehensive condo insurance policy in place can provide the protection that you need in the event of loss or damage. Water damage caused by a plumbing problem in your bathroom is the type of accident that will not be covered by the Condo Association’s policy. In addition to damage and loss due to fire and theft, you may also want to look into liability coverage. Your personal property also needs coverage above your condo building’s policy. In simplest terms, your condo itself is your own responsibility when it comes to securing the right level of insurance coverage.

We Are Here to Answer All of Your Condo Insurance Questions

If you are thinking about buying a condo in the lovely Fort Myers, FL area, or would like to make sure that your current coverage is adequate, call SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. today. We can review the ins and outs of condo insurance with you and help you find the most appropriate policy to provide the coverage that you need.