Will Condo Insurance Cover My Personal Belongings?

If you own a condo in Fort Myers, FL, you aren’t required by law to carry condo insurance. However, if your furniture and clothing are damaged by a burst pipe or overflowing sink in your own unit, you may have to come up with the money to replace your belongings. Your condo association may also require a certain amount of insurance and lenders may have a similar requirement if you took out a mortgage on your condo.

The professionals at SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. can answer any questions you have on the types of condo insurance coverage you may benefit from. Here is some additional information on personal belongings coverage to get you started.

What is Condo Insurance for Personal Belongings?

Condo insurance is available to protect your personal belongings, which aren’t covered in your condominium’s master insurance policy. Often called a walls-in policy, condo insurance protects individual units. Typical policies offer various coverage options, including reimbursement for personal belonging lost or damaged in a covered event.

What’s Covered?

Appliances, clothing, jewelry, electronics and furniture and are usually written into your personal property coverage. If any of these items are damaged in a covered event, your insurance pays to repair or replace them.

Condo owners choose how much coverage they need, including:

  • Actual cash value gives you the depreciated value for your damaged belongings.
  • Replacement cost coverage reimburses you for the replacement cost of the lost or stolen items, regardless of depreciation.

Contact your SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. representative to set up an appointment to discuss your condo insurance needs. Come in for a quote on your Fort Myers, FL condo or contact an agent today so that you can rest assured that your belongings are covered in the unfortunate case of an event beyond your control.

How Flood Insurance Can Benefit a Fort Myers Property Owner

One of the biggest assets that you will ever own is your home. When you own a property in a city such as Fort Myers, FL, there are a variety of important factors to consider to ensure your asset is properly covered by insurance. One of the most important things that you can do would be to get a flood insurance policy as it can benefit a property owner a number of ways. 

Protects Your Asset

Nothing could be more damaging to a property than a flood. Due to the location of the ocean and other waterways, those that are in Fort Myers will always run the risk of experiencing a flood. When you get flood insurance, you will receive coverage for this risk. This can include making all repairs to clean up the flood and replace your personal assets.

Ensures Compliance

Depending on where you live in Fort Myers and the type of mortgage that you have, you could be required to carry flood insurance. Those that are in a flood zone and have a FHA mortgage will need to have flood insurance at all times. When you have this insurance in place, you will be assured that you are in compliance with your flood insurance covenant in your loan agreement. 

If you own a home in the Fort Myers, FL area, it is very important that you properly consider your flood insurance needs. Due to the complexities that come with this type of insurance, it would be helpful to speak with the team at SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. The insurance professionals at SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. can help you to learn more about your flood insurance options and to get into a policy that properly protects your home. 

What Information Is Needed For A Home Insurance Quote In Florida?

When you live in Fort Myers, FL, you can choose to be in the city or the suburbs. What’s important is that you protect your home thoroughly. To do that, you need home insurance. Obtaining a home insurance quote is easier when you work with us at SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. We’ll show you what information is needed to get a quote.

Your Address

The first thing that is needed is the address of your home. This identifies whether you’re in a flood zone or not. It will also use your zip code to understand more about what other people in that zip code have experienced, such as the number of claims, the overall crime rates, and more.

Details of Your Home

A few details about your home will be needed to get home insurance, too. This includes the age of the home, its estimated value, as well as the total square footage. Any “additions” to the home have to be included, too. This way, you can be sure that they’re covered within the policy in case they get damaged in a storm or anything else. Such things include a detached garage, a pool, a privacy fence, or anything else that is a structure away from the home itself but still on the property.

Personal Details

Finally, you will need to provide some personal details. This includes your name, social security number, and contact information. If you have pets that will be living in the home, they need to be identified, too. This way, the level of liability can be better determined.

Are you ready to get a home insurance quote in Fort Myers, FL? Contact us at SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. today. One of our insurance agents can walk you through the process and customize a policy for you and your home.


Protect your inventory with commercial insurance

We all know how important it is to carry the appropriate level of insurance to protect our assets, and the same is true when covering the value of your inventory. Business owners understand that one serious loss to their work-flow can wipe out years of hard work. The team at SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. are here to help you find the right insurance to cover all aspects of your Fort Myers, FL area business, including inventory. 

Be sure to obtain the right level of commercial insurance

Inventory protection can make a huge difference in how well your business is able to bounce back after experiencing a loss. When you are obtaining your policy, be sure to work with a professional agent that understands the nuances of commercial insurance. Inventory valuation can be tricky to determine, as it is constantly fluctuating. When you have a busy season coming up, your inventory levels will be a lot higher than they are during the slower months of the year. Some people make the mistake of valuing their inventory at the time that they obtain their policy. This can lead to serious problems if you get your policy during one of your slow months. Be sure to look at the levels of inventory that you carry all year long, and determine the highest level as your insurable value. This is yet another reason why it is helpful to work with a professional agent that is able to guide you through the process. 

The team at SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. are here to help business owners in the greater Fort Myers, FL area obtains the insurance that provides the appropriate protection for their inventory and overall business. Contact us today and schedule a consultation to review your commercial insurance needs. 

How umbrella insurance can hear Ft Myers, FL residents

The world is full of risks and the stress that goes along with those risks. When you live in Fort Myers, FL you get the opportunity to take advantage of the area and the weather without worrying from day to day.

Unfortunately, there are risks even in sunny Florida, and at SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. we work to help our clients mitigate those risks. One great way to keep your risks low is by adding an umbrella policy to your already existing policies.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella Insurance is different from other kinds of policies because you can’t get an umbrella policy by itself. You need to have an existing policy, like homeowners or auto insurance, and then add on umbrella insurance. 

What makes umbrella insurance great is the high limit; your umbrella policy goes well above and beyond your normal policy limits with a typical policy usually starting at $1,000,000 worth of coverage. That seems like a lot until you think about it.

An Umbrella Policy In Action

For example, say you carry full coverage auto insurance. A normal policy will max out well below the actual damages for a serious accident, especially if there are multiple people seriously injured.  Once you hit your policy limits, you are responsible for all the damages that still need to be paid, if you are deemed responsible for the accident.

If you have an umbrella policy, it will kick in once your standard policy maxes out. You can relax and recover during that stressful time as your umbrella policy pays out.

You can get umbrella insurance in Fort Myers, FL that will cover your home, auto or business. If you want to find out how umbrella insurance can help you, call SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. today.

What you need to know about Florida auto insurance

For many people in the Fort Myers, FL area, driving a car on a daily basis is a necessity and also an enjoyable experience. When you have your own car in Fort Myers, you will be able to get to work, school, and to all of the local dining options and beach. While having a car is a good idea in Fort Myers, there are some responsibilities that you need to keep in mind. One thing that you must do is get your car insured. There are several things that you need to know about insurance for your Florida car. 

State Minimum Requirements

Like any other state, Florida does require that you carry minimum levels of liability insurance on your car at all times. This will ensure that you are protected if you are at fault in an accident. However, this coverage will only provide protection for damage or injuries that you cause to the other party and will not provide coverage for your vehicle. 

Collision and Comprehensive

For most drivers in Florida, having a full auto insurance policy with collision and comprehensive coverage would be beneficial. When you have this level of coverage in place you can be assured that you will be covered for an issue that could cause a loss. Further, any auto lender will require that you have this.

Florida auto insurance laws can be complicated. Because of this, those that are in the Fort Myers, FL area and need to find an auto insurance policy need to reach out to the team at SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. When you come to meet with the professionals at SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. you can learn more about your auto insurance needs and what type of policy will protect you the right way.

Motorcycle Insurance: Why a Basic Policy May Not Be Enough

Many motorcycle owners in the greater Fort Myers, FL area are content with collision damage or other basic insurance coverage for their motorcycles. At the SWFL Insurance Agency Inc., we recommend comprehensive motorcycle insurance for our clients for many reasons. If you are a seasoned motorcycle owner who would like to upgrade your policy, or are just getting into the joys of motorcycle ownership and need your initial policy, our team is here to help. Comprehensive coverage can help protect you from damage to your motorcycle as well as coverage in the event of injury to yourself or your passenger.

Basic Motorcycle Policies May Not Provide the Coverage You Need

There are many bike owners who are content with the bare minimum when it comes to insurance. However, there are many more comprehensive policies that are available in Florida, and it’s worth spending the time and effort to find out more about them. Collision insurance can help you to replace or repair your bike in the event that it is damaged or stolen, but what if you are in an accident that causes injury to yourself or the other party? There are also situations where your bike can cause damage to another person’s property and you can be held liable. Don’t be caught with inadequate insurance that can cause you to be financially responsible for any loss. With comprehensive insurance, you can protect yourself, your passengers, and your financial assets. 

Find out more about the options that are available for motorcycle insurance in the greater Fort Myers, FL area. The team at SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. are here to provide you with the guidance you need in order to make an informed decision about the right motorcycle policy for your needs.

What does my renters insurance cover?

Disasters in Florida are quite common, and many renters are having difficulty securing their homes and belongings. Renting is on the rise particularly in Fort Myers, FL and other areas, and therefore renters insurance is one of the most valuable financial protection for renters.

Renters insurance protects you, your family and your belongings in case of an accident or disaster attack. Many renters assume that the landlord already purchased an insurance policy to protect their homes, but unfortunately, this is never the case–the landlord only insures what he or she owns which is the house structure itself. At SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. we recommend every tenant to purchase renters insurance and stay protected.

What renters insurance covers

Before purchasing insurance, it is quite critical that you know what is being covered to avoid confusion.

Personal property

A comprehensive renters insurance pays or replaces your personal property like clothes, furniture, appliances, and other personal items. In case of a disaster, your insurance company will assess the damage and determine what will be repaired and what will be replaced.

Liability &medical expenses

If someone is injured in your apartment, liability coverage in your renter’s insurance will pay for medical bills and any lawsuit if you are sued.

Temporary living costs

In case your home is too damaged, you may need to find temporary housing before your home is fixed. Your insurance company will take care of all the living expenses you incur until you move back to your previous home.

other coverages

  • Credit card coverage
  • Items store elsewhere
  • Food
  • Other people’s property

Securing your family and property is very important. However, this may not be accomplished without a certified insurance company like SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. in Fort Myers, FL. We ensure that all your insurance needs are taken care of. Visit or call us for more.

Fort Myers Flood Insurance Mandatory or Not SWFL Insurance Agency Inc.has Information that You Must Know

SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. provides flood insurance service seriously for our Fort Myers, FL area customers. We suggest going with the highest level of insurance available and don’t take chances since nearly every area in Fort Myers, FL is in a flood zone. 

Since 1968, flood insurances has been mandated in a home that has a mortgage. Many renters will also choose to cover any of their personal damages with another small flood insurance policy. It’s important to know what flood zone that you live in.

Rethinking Your Current Flood Insurance or Possibly Dropping It?

A couple of things that you must keep in mind is that if a storm or hurricane hits, you cannot buy flood insurance and have it approved until a 30-day waiting period. Also, if your area hasn’t flooded in the past years, you definitely shouldn’t play those odds and go without it. 

High waters can come unexpectedly and don’t have to be accompanied by a hurricane, which would most likely mean FEMA won’t stop in with any kind of storm damage repairs or finances. 

Protect Your Family and Home with Flood Insurance from SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. 

Maybe your flood insurance isn’t mandatory, but it won’t just be included in your homeowner’s policies. Most of our current clients prefer to add on additional flood insurance because it’s a smart idea. Floods are the first natural disaster out of any natural disaster when it comes to the amounts of times that we experience them. All properties in Florida may be in a flood zone but not all have mandatory flood zone requirements. 

What Should I Expect When I Purchase Flood Insurance?

Lee County, highly depends on which flood zone that you reside in. Other things that affect the premium is the type of the structure, required elevation, how elevated your floor is to the ground it is one, and whether you are in a FEMA Flood Zone. 

3 Things to Know About Condo Insurance

Because condo owners only own their unit as opposed to the larger structure, condo insurance can become complicated quickly. Condo owners and the larger board may have very different ideas of who is responsible for what, and these details may only be revealed after an event occurs. SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. wants the people of Fort Myers, FL to have all the facts before they purchase a new policy or update the terms of their existing one.

Your HOA Has Its Own Terms 

This one may seem obvious to a condo owner who’s already been dealing with a board, but not everyone realizes just how complicated these terms can get. If the HOA doesn’t perform a formal review of your insurance policy, it’s your responsibility to understand their conditions and cover both your space and any communal space deemed necessary by the board.

Condo Insurance Covers Liability

There are a lot of reasons a condo owner may need liability insurance. Your dog unexpectedly bites a guest. Your child accidentally leaves a toy in the middle of the hallway floor and a fellow condo owner falls. From medical bills to lawsuits, liability insurance is included with your condo insurance so you have a way to pay your bills. Condo owners need to examine their policy limits to ensure they have enough insurance to cover a major event. 

Your Carrier Matters 

Your insurance carrier matters when it comes to how you structure your policy and how your claims are processed. If you have any questions about what condo insurance can do for you, call SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. for more information. We help the people of Fort Myers, FL get all the information they need, so they can keep their cool no matter what happens.