3 Things to Know About Condo Insurance

Because condo owners only own their unit as opposed to the larger structure, condo insurance can become complicated quickly. Condo owners and the larger board may have very different ideas of who is responsible for what, and these details may only be revealed after an event occurs. SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. wants the people of Fort Myers, FL to have all the facts before they purchase a new policy or update the terms of their existing one.

Your HOA Has Its Own Terms 

This one may seem obvious to a condo owner who’s already been dealing with a board, but not everyone realizes just how complicated these terms can get. If the HOA doesn’t perform a formal review of your insurance policy, it’s your responsibility to understand their conditions and cover both your space and any communal space deemed necessary by the board.

Condo Insurance Covers Liability

There are a lot of reasons a condo owner may need liability insurance. Your dog unexpectedly bites a guest. Your child accidentally leaves a toy in the middle of the hallway floor and a fellow condo owner falls. From medical bills to lawsuits, liability insurance is included with your condo insurance so you have a way to pay your bills. Condo owners need to examine their policy limits to ensure they have enough insurance to cover a major event. 

Your Carrier Matters 

Your insurance carrier matters when it comes to how you structure your policy and how your claims are processed. If you have any questions about what condo insurance can do for you, call SWFL Insurance Agency Inc. for more information. We help the people of Fort Myers, FL get all the information they need, so they can keep their cool no matter what happens.